Bilal Alji
Bilal Alji

Singer - Songwriter - Actor - Dancer and Theatre Performer

Bilal Alji

About me

Bilal grew up in a small northern city of Morocco where it was hard for him to start an artistic career. At the age of 8, He started doing magic and dance which combined his love of theater. Going on stage wasn't really a challenge for him, and helped him build self-confidence and self independence, especially that He’s a self-taught artist.

At the age of 15, He made his first professional magic show in Nador and 600 people attended it. The next year He started taking classes with an international multilingual theater lab, Instant Mix, to help him improve his acting and stage performance skills. From there, He’ve opened up himself to different arts like singing, piano playing, drawing, fashion designing etc.

Bilal Alji

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Bilal Alji